Pre crowa spunds

Spunds is an adventurer from Sparham, He is around 21 years old, possibly younger, likely older.

Drawn to the life of adventuring due to an inane consumption of alchohol. Spunds has been adventuring since late 1016. He has held several different careers, and is just settling down to what he loves.

In previous employment he has been a mercenary, a guard, a physician, and a priest of crowa. He got better though.

After a brief stint at being dead, he decided death seemed a bit boring, so came back. He is now an adventuring member of the scouts guild, and a devotee to lady crowa.

Spunds is a member of the unlikely companions, and the last active member of the original six. He has rebuilt the group, finding them a new home, preparing them a personal armoury and fund.

His only wish in life now is to settle down and live in a peaceful land.