MXVI Drawing IX Edit

On IX Drawing I defender Bann gathered in the hiring square at Norvic along with Fae Foalstride of Longstor, doctor Uriah Creep, master distiller Venin, mastersmith Thalnaz Galdoon, guildsman necromancer Alumis Tuntree, order knight Albanus Freeman of the Black, alchemist Vladimir Featherfoot and head of the Griffin Order Gaspar Asturian. Our hirer brought tidings of ill from the mines at Massingham. Swarms of ratmen were causing havoc in the mines. Tales told of a tunnel that led into the dwelling of Mal Zeth and his army of dead. The tunnel had been sealed two years ago by a brave party of adventurers.

We set out on the road to Sparham. The guard at the gates was prepared for winter, wrapped in warm furs he had no warnings to tell of the road ahead. Once outside the walls of the city we were attacked by a horde of foulspawn, among them was a goblin shaman which I quickly dispatched. A hobgoblin was also among them. The foulspawn were defeated and we head onward to Sparham. Sparham was quiet, the guard reported no trouble. The peasants complained of being oppressed. With pressing concerns were travelled onwards to Massingham.

At Massingham we entered the mines. The foreman of the mines described how the ratmen had entered the mines and drew a map of the tunnels. I drew a copy of the map for our journey. We found the broken blockade. Not fearing anything that might lie on the other side we entered the Mal Zeth's domain. Immediately we were attacked by many zombies and ratmen. We pressed them back until we reached a great black pit. Alumis identified the pit had the taint of necromancy. Disturbed by the abominations of nature Fae was compelled to cleanse the pit. Her ritual was interrupted and abandoned as the light in the cave faded. As we retreated mastersmith Thalnaz was able to shore up the breach.

The threat stopped we returned to Norvic and were rewarded. The repair would not last long however and a more prepared party of adventurers must go into the lair of Mal Zeth and bring an end to the wraith's reign.

Praise unto the lady


MXVI Midcold XVII Edit

On XVII of Midcold MXVI the Earl DeMowbray gathered us at Lynn Regis. Head of the Griffin Order Sir Gaspar Asturian came from nearby Hawkwind Keep with Head of the Grey Order Sir Garviel Loken of Medehampstede, Sister Rose Eva and Brother Cragen Dewerstone of Spindlestone and Brisel. Other local adventurers Mother Fae Foalstride of Longstor, Alchemist Vladimir Featherfoot, Master Distiller Venin, Necromancer Alumis Tuntree, Runesmith Thalnaz Galdoon and myself Defender Bann of Crowa joined them.

The Earl proved his good guardianship of the Duchy and had us patrol the coastal road in preparation for delivery of needed supplies and rebuilding of communities ravaged by the Guidanese invasion.

We took the road north east out of Lynn Regis and headed to Rainham. Many foulspawn lurked on the road. Trolls, hobgoblins and orcs beset our party. Their attacks were futile, the beasts were cut down. A darker danger waited us, the corpses were riddled with disease. Any who came into contact with the bodies, even those covered with cloth or gloves became infected. We cleaned and cured ourselves before entering the village of Rainham. I went to speak with the village elder. The villagers had full stores of salted fish but complained of no bread, meat or potato. Later complaints of a lack of salt was also made, risking some stores of fresh fish that might not last the winter. There were signs of damage throughout the village from the recent war and also from a banshee that had been ravaging the nearby land.

Along the coast road to Newton Mother Fae reported of an ill feeling. A wrongness in the natural order and a corruption in the soil. More foulspawn roamed here, again they were defeated. Among them were more diseased bodies as well an Elderkin and other followers of the dark god Krygan. More careful this time none were inflicted with disease before we reached Newton. Newton had signs of being wartorn and ransacked. Its people were starved. Their stores empty and their fields bare. Food for winter and seeds for springtime were dangerously lacking. I tried to encourage those able of body to travel to Rainham were fresh fish was available for those that could offer their labour but many of the villagers were broken of spirit.

We came to the last of the villages along the road, DeRising. Close the DeRising Keep which had been made into a bastion of the enemy during the war the village was more wartorn than any we had seen. The people were stalwart of body and mind. They spoke bravely of how they could survive of the land and guile throughout the coming months of cold, I also recommended any strong body that labour could be traded for fresh fish at Rainham. A darker tale so lurked here too. Tales of meat stolen from stores and of a white elf which visited the inhabitants of the village in the dark of night. On examination those who had been visited by the white elf showed bite marks on their necks and an aversion to the light of Crowa. All the victims were rounded up and questioned. It was decided that the white elf was a vampire and most of the villagers were inflicted with vampirism. To avoid slaughtering the whole village to prevent them becoming thralls of the undead lord we sought out the creature of the night and found it's domain in a nearby graveyard. Necromancer Alumis was able to quickly dispatched the fiend. The graveyard had become tainted by the presence of the vampire and many corpses rose from the corrupted earth to molest us. Whilst we fought the walking dead Fae cast a cleansing over the graveyard. Her efforts and our own prayers returned the dead to their eternal slumber. We returned to the village to check our success. The people of DeRising were no longer at risk but would needs seeds for the ploughing if they were to return to good living their deserved.

The Earl's supplied followed us along the road and our mission was successful. The Earl offered extra pay of one crown each for those that chose it or else it would go to provide extra provision for the villages. After seeing and talking to the villagers, I recognised their spirit and bravery and I donated my crown to the them.

In faith


MXVI Deepwinter XXI Edit

Gathered at Caister were the adventurers Doctors Tehya Linn and Uriah Creep, Ranger Reuben, Percy Thrower, Mother Fae Foalstride of Longstor, Brother Mosh of the Templar Order, Mother Rose Eva and two supplicants to the Rose Order and myself Defender Bann of Crowa. We were in Caister to investigate and explore the situation at the mines. Whilst in Caister we spoke with a lady who reported her son Ben the hunter was missing. Others rumours told of missing Longstorians and some lost magic books by the school of Necromancy.

We began our investigation at the house of the foreman. Our arrival at the house was expected so when all was quiet our caution was aroused. Upon entering the house we found the foreman dead and hung from the rafters. The two doctors conducted an autopsy and concluded that the cause of death perhaps murder.

Forewarned that malign forces were at work against us we left Caister to explore the mines. On the road to the mines we were attacked by bandits. Among the bandits were heretic Fygolians. Further along the road Reuben and Fae perceived something amiss. The trees ahead were surrounded in spores, when any of our company came into contact with the spores they suffered great pain. Fae told us that the trees were Fey trees.

Past the trees we discovered a house. The house was empty. Exploration of the house discovered it was the house of Ben the hunter. The hunter had left tracks leading away from the house which led to a bush and suddenly disappeared.

Mercenaries greeted us as we came near to the mines. This militia had been brought recently to guard the mines. The miners had not seen the foreman for days. Fae spoke with the Dverge, they told tales of some of them trying to return to the cave but either being killed or badly hurt.

We reached the village of Ravenshall but found it surrounded by bushes. We passed through the bushes to find many agitated villagers. Also visiting the village was a trader with a Fygolian guard, the pair left when it was clear they were not welcome. The villagers talked of being attacked.

Following the directions given to us by the Dverge we found a cave not far from the village. Outside the cave Fae Foalstride beseeched Longstor to give her sight beyond sight. The lord of the hunt granted her a vision of three Skarahai that dwelt in the cave. She spoke of her vision and told that it would be a hard and bloody fight to defeat the three monsters as they clawed and leapt their way around the clearing outside the cave. Bloody was the battle when fought but we were victorious.

When we came out of the cave night had fallen. In the dusk light we saw dark elves on the road above. The dark elf numbers were great, a war band of many set to attack the village of Bungay. Quick were we to ambush them and forestall their plans. Their numbers alas were too many and we could not stop them. By the time we fought our way back to the village it had been assaulted. We joined in the defence; the dark elves focused their attacks on the mines and the elves which worked there. The attack was fought off. After the battle we sought rest at Asturian Manor. Lord Asturian paid us two crowns each for protecting the mines and his workers.

In the morning we returned to Caister. The lord of Caister paid us our social status for our good deeds. We reported to Ben’s mother that we could not find any trace of her son and assured her that she should keep any reward for herself.

In faith


MXVII Thawing XVIII Edit

On XVIII Thawing MXVII we gathered at the hiring square. Our party was Novice Spunds of Sparham, Templar Errant Mosh, High Father Dante Potocki, Ranger Isau, High Guildswoman scout Beff, Brother Francis Teach of Rolbor and myself Defender Bann of Crowa. We were hired to investigate a missing Longstorian. We were warned of Kryganites to the west of Caister and also a strange portal to the fey realm.

On the way out of the gate we hear tale of an old library on the coast at Crowsmere that had opened it doors to the adventuring community. Further along the door we met an unfortunate alchemist, the lady had been a lone traveller and reported that she had been knocked on the back of the head by an unseen assailant. All her potions had been taken and she had forgotten her name. With Kryganites nearby we suspected she was attacked by a corruption of the forest. We counselled the lady to accompany us to Keelinghall and to stay near the middle of the road away from the trees and bushes. At Keelinghall we asked the townsfolk of the Longstorian, they reported seeing them pass through with two guards. We also met Sleeping Jon, a traveller that was sleeping the road. Sleeping Jon said he had come to the town during the night and now rested he would head on to Norvic. We warned Sleeping Jon to watch out for attackers from the trees and to travel together with Lady Forgot-her-name Alchemist. The two travellers set out for Norvic confident that together they could survive the journey. We wished them well and the blessings of the seven.

Not far from Keelinghall we discovered the body of a slain guard, a dagger stuck fast into his ribs. Scouts Isau and Beff searched the area and reported many men entering the area and they after a battle a fast exit. We later concluded that a band of Fygolians had attacked the Longstorian and their guards. Taking the Longstorian and remaining guard prisoner.

Isau and Beff followed the trail left by the Fygolians and we met them selling their prisoners to a group of Kryganites. We attacked them but at least on Fygolian escaped by fleeing into the woods and another simply vanished. After the battle we could not find the Longstorian but did discover a sleeping guard. The guard could not be roused so we buried them under a fall of leaves and planned to return later to take them to safety.

We saw ruins in the distance and when we approached them we found a familiar sight of strange trees with the air around them thick with spores and pollen. The spores caused everyone pain bar myself and Mosh were immune so aware of time I dragged everyone through regardless of any cries of pain or discomfort. After the trees we found a gate, dark elves Kryganites were gathered around it. We put them to the sword but some fled through the gate and disappeared. At the gate a strong fellow was repairing the stonework. I complimented him on his work and he told us of a tower that could be seen yonder.

Bracing ourselves we entered the gate and were suddenly attacked by many men and dark elves. These were the soldiers of the court of Wane. Striking them down we found a Longstorian Father Badger, he had been recently captured and brought here. Strange Fey creatures were torturing people, we saved the people and a skittish fey by the name of Pugh talked to us. He said he was a servant to the Lord of Wax. He had a game of riddles with Dante and reward us with a bag of potions. The potions were labelled in Rhonish but in such a strange and alien place we could not trust such writings so concluding that these must have been the potions Lady Forgot-her-name Alchemist was robbed of we took them with the intention of returning them safely to her.

Ahead in the tree we saw many skinned people and more prisoners. To save any more suffering we attacked the torturers and assaulted the tower. Many defenders guarded the tower but we would not be stopped and won our battle. Many Longstorians were freed including the missing Longstorian we had been hired to find. Suddenly we were all transported back to the gate we had passed through. A voice sung in our head telling us of how we had aided the Lord of Wax.

We headed back to Norvic and collected the sleeping guard on our way home. At Norvic we gave our report and were rewarded handsomely. When we returned the pouch of potions to Lady Forgot-her-name Alchemist it was empty! We apologised and wished her and Sleeping Jon well.

In faith


MXVII Springsdawn XVIII Edit

A true account and report on the events that took place on day XVIII of Springsdawn, that transpired to the undoing of Prince Olan’s curse.

It was a humid morning and in Norvic, the carriage from Yurnemouth had been swift and my arrival had not been too late. As I stepped down from the large wooden step I saw that Norvic was indeed a great city, the marketplace a hive of commerce just as busy as the port back home, but what had most captured my attention was the large gathering of fighting men and women preparing weapons and armour it was an impressive sight to see, I reported to the Knight Commander Sir Gaspar along with the other Squires, Winston and Stove, and once we had attended to our Lords armour we were each provided with our holy symbols, bandages and then each presented a weapon. It was an event that filled me with pride, Sir Gaspar then handed to his squires potions to hold onto for the purposes of staying disease, he asked that I hold onto his until he called for them.

We assembled in the Square where the viscount, the Knight Commander and others exchanged pleasantries discussed the mission and Reuben was given the previously acquired fetishes for safe keeping, and we were sent to retrieve another artefact the Eye of Prince Olan in hopes that we may be able to perform the ritual. Everyone did a final check of their equipment and we left the cities safe walls. The present party were Sir Gaspar, Sam, Reuben, Teyha, Orka, Quintus of Karach, Kryhan, Ragnar the Dwarf, Hilda, Astrid, Winston, Stove and I.

On the road outside the city having just shown permits, Sir Gaspar named Sam as Chaplain of the Griffin order, it was a thing to behold I was asked to hold Sam’s sword however the blade was so heavy I was forced to put down my own hammer to lift it. I couldn’t help but think about how I may be knighted in such a fashion one day and wield such a sword, to be in the presence of heroes can be a humbling experience and I was already confident they would see this mission complete no matter who may oppose them. We were called to recite Sidhean and Crowan Sins as we walked the road toward Aylesham until we encountered a large force of the Reanimated dead, Sir Gaspar thought it odd that they would stop up ahead of us and form a shield wall as they did and I suggested it could be the powers of necromancy no matter however as we were called to hold our position whilst Sam completed his spell we were then called to charge the zombies. Sir Gaspar led the charge with Sam and Winston to his right and myself and Stove his left the remaining party brought up the rear everyone fought valiantly but I sustained an injury to my right arm and was in need of medical attention I looked around me as one by one the zombies fell and began to try and stand once more, however these abominations to the Seven were quickly cut back down and slain with holy water. Teyha Lin an Elven Healer bandaged my arm and I was able to assist with the remaining zombies.

We reached Aylesham to find an enormous pit in the ground, the townspeople who were clearly distraught told us of the pits appearance and more disturbingly how the people of the town had risen from the dead and began to walk, I fear they were the zombies we had encountered on the road the town almost deserted already was now unsafe and there would be no protection from the surrounding dangers that plague this land, I suggested to my Lord that we accompany them to safety but he was certain the road back to Norvic was cleared and their passage would be safe. We left them to travel south and continued on our way north.

North of Aylesham we encountered a small group of cadavers they were quickly dispatched with until the appearance of a vampire accompanied by two of its minions wielding disease ridden blades attacked, The Vampire goaded Reuben and told him of tragic tales of a personal nature that infuriated him, the vampire challenged him to a duel and so I stood back as I am forbidden to interfere with such things. However Reuben lacked an enchanted blade in which to slay this villain. He attempted to take the one that Sam was caring for and it was given to my fellow squire Stove for safekeeping unfortunately Reuben compelled stove to hand it to him with an obey spell and charged the vampire their swords clashed briefly before the vampire used a fear spell and drove him into the brush where he was followed and aided by Sir Gaspar and I assume it is there the enchanted sword was retrieved, people attempted to fight the vampire but were also quickly turned away with this dreadful magic, When Reuben returned he attempted to fight but was forced to banish the vampire with his holy symbol of Longstor. In his grief Reuben was screamed a loud and exclaimed his hatred for this creature, I told him he will have his vengeance one day but my mind was on this mission.

Up the path a little we cam across a small group of dwarves they were friendly and gave us some information that may have proven useful in our quest, before heading on as is tradition we all took a moment to initiate the new Griffin Chaplain and introduce ourselves to the people who were not from the order. Leaving the Dwarves we were able to follow tracks that led us directly to Prince Olan. I handed Sir Gaspar his potions and a battle quickly ensued led by the Griffin orders own Knight Commander and Chaplain myself and stove fanned out to the right of them and winston to the left, three of Olan’s warriors were able to pin myself and Stove and I sustained an injury to my hand, as did Stove. As I look at the wound so small I saw it bleed violently as I collapsed with a tremendous feeling of Nausia my entire body began to spasm and convulse as I could not contain the sickness. I looked up briefly before being forced back to the ground with my ailment and saw the battle had continued out of sight and a great many of us lay injured or dying. The next time I looked up from my sickness Teyha was there her medical supplies in hand she cured my disease and bandaged my arm and I stood whilst she did the same for Stove, at that moment I saw the party return with the Eye and Prince Olan Hot in Persuit of them people fought in vain and Reuben fired off his last few enchanted arrows but without a blessed weapon to defeat Olan all seemed lost, Suddenly Sir Gaspar appeared at my side and told us to brandish our holy symbols and chant the names of our gods, we formed a circle around the cursed one and drove him to the ground with its divine aura the fetishes were placed around him and Reuben read the stories and said the words, Quintus did also say his words and when all was said and done, Sir Gaspar took Olans body over his shoulder to return it to his shrine.

As we travelled back south there was but only one delay, a band of Dark Elves attacked us and I was mortally wounded, I collapsed on the ground my arm in tatters a gaping wound in my stomach I leaned against a tree as my vision focused in and out I could see many of my comrades dying in the brush, I was sure I would die when Sam appeared and pressed the wound on my chest stemming the bleeding if for only a moment he saved my life, I remember as I began to drift in and out of consciousness joking that though I may live I will surely lose my arm when he was able to heal it miraculously with his divine power. Teyha arrived shortly after and quickly healed my other wound completely and it was though my entire body had not been harmed. I attempted to help with the other injured and had seen Sam with an injured prisoner, so I went over to assist him, a Crowan worshipper, Astrid, was also present and the prisoner made threats and challenged her at first it seemed Astrid did not wish to fight the prisoner as she was injured but when the prisoner berated Astrid and spat at her, Astrid took her head with an axe. The prisoner died kneeling. I fear for the company I keep on this journey is not all as honourable as once hoped.

On our way to lay the Prince to rest we came across an unusual statue as we walked toward it a shocking wave of force blasted all back but Sir Gaspar as we all approached once more nervous now, Sam at the lead, we were once again repelled but Sam the Chaplain was unharmed. Sir Gaspar took the sword from the statues hands and in his own it became the fabled Sword of the Griffins I and the other Squires took a knee as our lord and chaplain both did and Sir Gaspar trembled as he held the blade in his hands. When he stood and raised the sword in the air the Griffin order screamed ‘death before dishonour’ before taking our leave. In that moment I was no longer unsure of the path I was taking, I would be a knight of this order and wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else in Ithron.

We arrived with Prince Olans body and lie him down in his tomb the ceremony was completed fetishes and all, Winston and I held the chains that once bound him as our Lord cut them asunder and his father blessed the burial and allowed us to take the fetishes to do with as we wished finally able to return to his sleep. Not all attended the ceremony but those who did said moving things.

We returned to Norvic unhindered and with somewhat good news that whilst we could not cure Olan we did succeed in destroying him. When we had arrived I looked around for the peasants of Aylesham but did not see them I can only hope they made it to Norvic safely and until I know for sure it will weigh heavily on my heart.

My honest and true accounting Signed Rhogar Squire of the Griffin Order and Thirdborn son of Khogar Abentor.

MXVII Springsdawn XVIII Edit

We were hired in Norvic to attack a Kryganite shrine which was near to a town. A band of dark elf Kryganites had captured the town and built a shrine. Ranger Isau, High Father Dante, Father Francis Teach, Artemis the alchemist, alchemist Jayms Cobb, Templar Mosh, scouts Beff Triptwig and Arya Hjarta,Father Spunds, Corbin Du Bec Esquire, Pyrrha Esquire, Mother Fae Foalstride and myself Defender Bann gathered and left Norvic and headed to Gelded Stones.

On the way we passed a group of slaves being led by slavers. The slaves did not appear to ill treated so we carried onward. Further along the road a corpse was found. On the body was a bloodied note.

At Gelded Stone the villagers talked of how any beggars had been seized by slavers and illegally taken. They also said that the dwarves had locked their tunnels and nothing had been seen of them. After much knocking they answered Mosh’s calls as he spoke in the dwarven tongue. They told him that dog-people had invaded the tunnels. They knew nothing of the thieves tunnels. They said they would send Thalnaz to ask for help if they need any to deal with the dog-people.

We headed onto toward the town. On the road we met some militia who reported they would attack the town whilst we sneaked through the old thieves tunnels to lead our attack on the undefended shrine.

The thieves tunnels were full of traps. The traps set off alarms, the floors gave way and explosions injured many of the party. We struggle through but injuries halted our progress. When we came to leave the tunnels we were attacked by dark elves. We fought to escape and found ourselves in the town. Someone was in a building who called for help. Francis went to speak to them whilst we continued to be attacked from all sides by dark elves. We travelled through the town, fighting as we went until we came upon a shrine to Krygan. We defeated the guardians of the shrine but had no power to deconsecrate it. The influence of the shrine attempted to corrupt the hearts of those near to it so we retreated to Norvic and reported our victory against the dark elves.

In faith


MXVII Springsdawn XVIII Edit

It was with pride and excitement that I, Winston Clarence de Vere, answered the summons of my Lord Commander Sir Gaspar Asturian on that fateful morning. I and two other squires of the Griffin Order had been determined ready to face the ordeals required to become an adventuring knight. Commander Asturian had summoned the new spiritual advisor and Chaplin to Norvic to swear him into his new role but also so we squires could get to know the measure of the man. I must admit I was disappointed to learn of this man’s rough edges and unsavoury past. He used to be a mage. And had a foul mouth upon him. But his heart seemed true, and beneath that rough exterior I sensed a noble (if not by birth) and passionate man.

Sir Gaspar told us of our mission. To lay low some creature of Undeath that was commiting treason against our good King Robert by proclaiming himself king. An abomination that must be destroyed. It seems this Olan – for that was the creature’s name –had been the prince of some long forgotten tribe in years gone by.

We set off with this task as our objective. With us were some adventuring types claiming to various professions and a couple from the sub-human races. I think they were all quietly impressed and bolstered to be travelling in such presence as Sir Gaspar and the retinue we formed around him.

A few miles from the walls of Norvic we encountered our first challenge. I say challenge, but really it was just a few poor souls that had fallen to the curse of Undeath. I charged into battle with my brothers and put many of these creatures down. In the thick of battle I must have been struck from some unseen assailant as I was brought back to consciousness by the elf in our party. A doctor from what I am told. Our party rallied around Sir Gaspar and were thankful for his bravery and skill in arms for I am certain that without him there commanding the peasant folk many of them would have fallen that day.

Proceeding on to Maltask we were inundated with Dwarves. Poor folk could hardly speak the common tongue. One of the peasants attempted to translate for me but it seems that the plight they were suffering from was a hole in the ground. Dwarves worrying about a hole in the ground seemed a strange thing for them to be worrying about as it was probably they stunty oiks that dug the blasted thing. I gave the matter no more of my attention. Whilst we rested from our journey Sir Gaspar decided that now would be the time to haze the new Chaplain in his role. Each of us was to take it in turns to fight a duel against him. He fought with courage and some desperate skill. But I am pleased to report that my superior training bested him. Some of the others may need to tighten up their sword work but we all gave a good accounting of ourselves. More so than the peasants when Chaplain Sam broke from tradition and allowed the hoypoli to challenge his skill in arms.

With that important ceremony out of the way we concluded our lunch and pressed on with the mission at hand. The marshes we travelled through was home to all manner of creature but our enjoyment of the open air was disrupted by the presence of yet more undead. We slew many until we came across the pale white visage of a vampire. This creature was an insult to all that is holy. The Longstorian Ranger the Black Sheep of Sparham was particular perturbed by this. The vampire used its foul magics to befuddle the mind of even myself but I am happy to say I delivered the killing blow whilst the Ranger chanted his Gods name.

After this we came across the one named Olan. Battle was met. With a cry of “Death before Dishonour” and “For the King” I was one of the first to engage the enemy. I slew many undead creatures before once again succumbing to my wounds. Once again the Elf was on hand to get me back into the action. It is a shame the circumstances of her birth, for if it were not for those ears she could almost be considered pretty in a peasant girl kind of way. The battle had proceeded to the south whilst I had been unconscious but now it was coming back to us. Olan was still standing but most of his minions had been destroyed. Forming a circle around him we invoked the name of our respective Gods and were able to lay him low. The Ranger recited the story of Olan, which seemed to have some kind of effect. Chaplain Sam performed one of the Rites of Crowa to purge the filth from the creature’s body. The de Lesanossa Priest performed the Rite of the Dead and bound Olan’s soul to Kharach so he could never rise again.

We had been victorious. Gracious in victory our Commander, Sir Gaspar wanted Olan re-interred in his tomb. The Gods must truly have been watching that day for as we returned Olan a strange glint played off one of the statues. A rush of energy knocked all but Sir Gaspar off their feet. The Gods were amongst us and we were to kneel before them. Removing the Sword from the statue Gaspar revealed to us only what he had seen. The Griffin Blade. Handed down from generation of Knight since aeons past.

With the rest of our party we returned to Norvic to report our success to our patron, the honourable Viscount Charrow.

(extract copied from The Adventuring Journal of Winston Clarence de Vere)

MXVII Budding XX Edit

Arer breaking my fast on a fine breakfast of pickled puddock wih fried eggs, spicy fried poatoes and boiled slugs I bid my booful wife Gerty farewell as I set out from Geldestones to Cropton to offer my humbles sarvices to the Lady Crop.

In the square at Cropton I saw the Knight Commander of Ithron hisself promote the noble squire Winston Clarence de Vere to be an Errant of the Griffin Order. I congratulated Errant de Vere an offered my services as chronicler an baggage carrier. Gathered around were many more witnesses to the occasion. Master brewer Jayms Cobb, Father Francis Teach of Rolbor, Ranger Reuben Volfsbrodir, Father Orka Fireflight of Sidhe, dwarf Ragnar, and elf scout Arya Hjarta had all come to answer the Lady's summons.

Lady Crop told a harrowing tale of a Shadow Council that bloighted her lands. This ere Shadow Council was ruled by the Alchemist, Blacksmith and Physician. A band of evil doers that had created a mighty beast known as the Terrorghast.

The Lady requested two tasks of the adventurers. She was concerned that the Shadow Council had been quiet of late and she feared a great battle. She asked that an army be prepared for battle and the blood of the Terrorghast be brought to her for study so the beasts weakness could be exposed. The Lady gave Father Teach a purse of twenty crowns to hire any mercenaries to join her cause.

Twas fortunate that two of the greatest and noblest Griffin knights came to lead the party of adventurers. Errant de Vere led the party from Cropton to travel to Stukey, Newhome, Bridgetown and the dwarf town of Where You Hang Your Boots. Along the way the plan was to recruit what manner of peoples were found to the Lady's cause. The militant orders of the Crimson Crusade and the Green Cross Knights were to be given the summons too.

I left Cropton and met four gentleman on the road who told me of a tale of woe. They sought work as mercenaries but did not possess the permits for such work. I offered them food and provisions. All were full of belly and declined my offer. Protestations from the adventurers warned me that the fellows might be dangerous but no harm came to me. The fellows talked to Errant de Vere and Father Teach gave the men two crowns from the purse for them to buy permits and report to the coast where the Lady Crop's army was gathering.

The road led onwards and it wasn't long before I saw corpses shambling towards me. Some were rotten and wrapped in filthy bandages, others worn white masks to cover their decayed faces. I fled from the road as the adventurers fought. Hidden in a bush I made my acquaintance of a necromancer by the name of George. I fed the wizard with bread and fish as he told me of the undead creatures the adventurers battled. I asked George if he'd help the Lady Cropton but he said he was already in her service. When I returned to the road I saw one of the masked undead, it looked like a corpse wih a white china mask on its face, the adventurers said the only way to destroy it was to soak it in two vials of holy water. At the ruins of Bastion more undead roamed and a company of dwarves were in battle. Whilst the adventurers rushed to aid them I saw the dwarves hungry bellies and thirsty mouths. I set up a feast of fish, wine, fruit and bread whilst the adventurers finished off the horde of undead. Before the dwarves could eat all my provisions I asked for their agreement that they would join Lady Crop and fight against her enemies. The dwarves were indeed hungry and thirsty and agreed. Father Francis Teach after my pleas paid me three pennies for my losses of supplies. As Father Teach then called upon Lord Rolbor to bless a weapon and I chatted with the dwarves. A fine fellow by the name of Mikden told me they were dwarves from where you hang up your boots. They said they had been mining wood but from what I saw they were gathering wood and cutting trees. Mikden told me of a half elf in Bridgetown that was giving lectures on Dagar Noss, some war or such between the elves.

On the road I met a queer fellow, Igor the hunchback. Igor was gathering a herb which he called Igor Herb, it was he told me that Igor Herb grows where the feyund go. Igor had trapped a feyund in a ring of Igor Herb. Igor theory that Igor Herb from Longstor. Reuben the ranger did not agree with this as he said he saw no aura of his Lord Longstor around the plant. Wherever the power came from it did hold back the undead. I took a sprig of the herb. I chatted with Igor and we talked of the Terrorghast, he said it was made from the parts of other undead creatures, some part of a nightmare, the teeth of a vampire, the bones of Templar death knight, the flesh of a zombie, the heart of an ex-communicant. Igor was a master of alchemy and his research had discerned that alchemy had been used in the Terrorghast's creation. Igor showed us a final demonstration of the power of Igor Herb when he mixed it with spit and destroyed the trapped feyund. Errant de Vere hired Igor for the price of two crowns and Jayms helped him move his laboratory to Cropton so that Igor could help the Lady Crop.

Stout of leg I carried on to where my feet would take me and came upon the town of Newhome. The town was full of rowdy Llamanusians that were hosting an ugly contest. Myself and the alchemist Jayms entered the contest and I Pobbin won. The chief of the town awarded me a blindfold to give to me wife. I told all the Llamanusians of the booty of me wife Gerty and of her great cooking. The Llamanusians needed no persuasion to fight in the looming battle and gathered a warband of eight men and went to meet the others we had sent to the Lady Crop.

The adventurers had Bridgetown and Stukey to visit so I carried on following them and recording their adventures. On the road I met a company of knight known as the Green Cross. There was two knights and a squire of the household of Woolworths. There was more undead which the knights defeated. Errant de Vere passed on the Lady Crops message and Sir Woolworths said he would assemble his men at arms and meet up wih Lady Crop and her army.

At Bridgeton there were refugees from Bastion. A half elf was reciting a poem. I roughly noted it as.

Five years or more ago half elf dark elf, Stole from the darken kin, Coloured ragged cloak, Hides the item of Dagar Noss, A great warrior walks among humans.

The adventurers spoke of a man called Dusty who worn a ragged cloak and spoke of the kinswar between the elves and the item of Dagar Noss.

In Bridgetown was not only half elves but it had men there too. There were three men who introduced themselves with the initial e, s and t. They said they were a company of mercenaries known as the fisty dicks. Errant de Vere enforced militia duty upon them and sent them to gather with the army of Lady Crop.

In the safety of Bridgetown the adventurers began talking of godstones, Pobbin listened. What the adventurers said was strange and at times contrary, this is what I heard. The godstones were made a year ago by the gods and followers in arda or elsewhere. The Seraldan stone is in the hands of the golden dwarf of Fygol. The godstones are protected from the eyes of the gods. After this chat the adventurers walked on to Stukey.

Before Stukey was a warband of orcs wih the Terrorghast. Whilst the adventurers prepared their strategies I set up a stall to offer food to the foulspawn. The Terrorghast was not delayed long before it charged at me and I fled. When I returned to salvage the remains of my stall and provision I found the elf scout Arya injured on the ground. Quick to think I used the blindfold I have been given earlier to bind her wounds. As I performed my kindness a big and ugly ogre stomped toward me, roaring and bellowing. Terrified I grabbed a handful of the scattered and strewn food from the floor and offered it to the ogre. Simple minded the ogre looked down at me in confusion. It was out of desperation that I then jumped at the ogre and stabbed it in the chest with my eating knife. I had to stab it many times before I struck it heart and it fell to the ground wih a thud. When I looked around another ogre loomed over me and knocked me to the ground. I awoke later with the battle over and the foulspawn defeated. My basket had been tipped over and many of my belongings trampled, crushed or lost.

A strange man dressed in a ragged and colourful cloak wandered across the battlefield saying naught but the word dirty. I recognised the man as out of the half elfs poem. I went to speak with Dusty and asked him of the item of dagar noss. He asked he what makes you think you are worthy? I told him that Pobbin had slain an ogre but that I was no hero. Dusty would not answer any other question and would say naught else to me.

Dusty went amongst the adventurers offering the same question them. Father Teach spoke of equals and was not accepted. Sir Gaspar spoke of heroics. Father Orka said he must learn more. Sir Gaspar continued to talk, he spoke of lineage, defence and honour. Dusty spoke of service, he said that he was chosen because he served. Dusty spoke again with Teach. He said that a storm was gathering and would come in three months time. That darkness would spread. He then chose Teach and gave him a magical cloak.

Master brewer Jayms took samples of blood from the defeated Terrorghast. To my eyes its blood looked like blood. Reuben devoted of Longstor described it as clear like water. The priest Father Teach and Father Orka could not see the blood at all.

The beast was not subdued for long and when it awoke I fled. As I ran through a bush I found my basket and recovered much of the food and trappings I had thought lost. The ogre which had stolen it had in its gluttony choked on a fish bone and lay dead. Glad of my good fortune I offered my thanks to Tralda and walked onward to Stukey. In Stulkey were a party of warriors clad in red. They named themselves the Crimson Crusade. The warriors agreed to join the battle against the Shadow Council. Sir Gaspar asked them of their beliefs and they answered that they were students of war not a religious order and that their leader was Nathaniel Blackmore.

When I returned to Cropton I reported to the Lady Crop that four crowns and three pennies had been spent gathering recruits for her Ladyships army and that I would send my report to her.

I was grateful at the end of the day to go home to me wife Gerty and a home cooked meal. Famished I reckon the next time I travel to chronicle the adventurers of Norvic I shall bring me missus with us to cook me meals and keep me fed during the journey lest I collapse from an empty stomach.

An eyewitness account of the adventurers of Norvic Pobbin Toadhunter

MXVII Shoring XVII Edit

It was a baking hot day and the young ones were paddling in the pond when Ma Gertie fried me a plate of eggs as I filled my pack. After breaking me fast on fried eggs and poached toads I set of a walking to Norvic. At the hiring square I met many adventurers I knew from reputation or from past journeys with them.

The greatest hero of Ithron the Knight Commander Sir Gaspar Asturian had around him many adventurers of renown. There was gathered Sir Bec de Corbin, Ragnar the Forgetful, master brewer Venin, Father Spunds of Crowa, doctor Tehya Linn, ranger Reuben. I mister Pobbin Toadhunter joined their company to record their adventure.

Guard sergeant Hartford the aide to Viscount Hawkwind greeted the adventurers. He asked them to deliver summons to three nobles. He listed them as Sir Rainier Von Hanterzin last seen at Deepham. Sir Jory Flarne a Griffin Knight who had left his post on the cordon around the region occupied by Mal Zeth. He was last seen south west from Wrentham. Sir Batholomew de Mutte Esquire. Vessel Trader and merchant adventurer who was last seen travelling to Bedon. I was bestowed the responsibility to carry the lord’s summons. At the gates of Norvic the guard spoke of blue robed fellows searching for mages. They reported that foulspawn were few in numbers, with some even approaching the towns in search of refuge.

On the road I found a dead body surrounded by skeletons. When I got closer a man in dark blue robes ran away. I followed but I did not find were they had gone. The dead body had papers on them which named them the mage Archimedes. A search discovered a silver dagger as they only valuable belongings. We took their wizarding papers and the dagger.

I chatted with the dwarf Ragnar the Forgetful. We agreed to meet in a tavern in Norvic where he would teach me the dwarf tongue in exchange for coin and wine. After agreeing my business with Ragnar we met three men and an orc. The four companions were travelling to Yurnemouth so that they could leave Ithron. I sold a beer guide for one penny so they would have a map and knowledge to where to stop for beer. They were travelling east as a blue robed man had given them charity then preached that they should leave Ithron. The orc was a follower of the god Tralda. People said that they had heard that Deitologists were asking people to leave Ithron. I tried to explain to the orc that they should follow their faith and trust in the gods.

The road ahead was blocked as there were two bandits trying to get into the camp of a Griffin Knight. Two squires were refusing the men any refuge nor sparing them any food or water. A robed lady came out of the camp and addressed me by name then touched my arm and spoke words I did not understand but explained it was a gift from Lady Crop for the letter I had sent her. Sir Jon of the Griffin Order was resting in the camp after being wounded by an arrow. Sir Jon was leading a group of Griffin militia westward. I fetched water from the well the squires were guarding and gave it to the two bandits. The adventurers then carried on with their quest.

After leaving Sir Jon I met Tom, Dick and Harry. All the three men had blue tattoos over their left eye. Tom told me that he carried his father’s sword which had killed three goblins. I showed Tom my knife which had slain an ogre. Sir Gaspar said lots of words and his voice kept getting louder and louder. Tom then ran away, he ran faster than I had ever seen a man run, straight up the hill and away. Dick and Harry tried to follow Tom but Harry was shot in back by Venin. Harry’s injury was bandaged but when questioned he fled up the same hill as Tom and escaped. Sir Gaspar said the men were outlaws for running away.

In Snetham there was a market I sold fish and wine for five pennies and a map for four pennies. Sir Rainier was found accompanied by two women. The summons to see the King was given. Sir Bec De Corbin complained of rude peasants. I didn’t believe that peasants could be rude, the market seemed a fine place to me.

I packed away my market stall and in good spirits I headed along the road to Bedon. I saw a man in robes flee at the sight of me but could not follow as the path was filled with skeletons, zombies and deathknights. I came back to warn the adventurers what I had seen but one of the deathknights caught up with me and stabbed me in the arm, the sword blade was deflected by an unseen force and I was unharmed. Amazed I strode forward with my arm extended, the next blade to strike me cut into my flesh I was left bloodied and sore. Father Spunds came and prayed for me and the wound closed. I saw Sir Gaspar the Knight Commander fall to the attacks from the deathknights. I scampered and circled him to awaken him but to no avail. In fright I tried to grasp his mace and defend his body but even whilst injured his grip was too strong and I was struck sore wounds in both arms before I fled. I ran into a bush and met with master Venin. There he fought a deathknight and struck off its bony legs. In my pain and fear I wandered to close to the deathknight and it stabbed me in the belly. In agony I collapsed, sure to die. I was awoken by a tired looking Venin as he fed me a magical potion. The adventurers gathered together all sore and bloody but all standing. No more skeletons harassed me as I walked on to Bedon. Around Bedon were many starving peasants who were begging the guards outside Sir Bartholomew’s house for food. Neither Sir Bartholomew nor his guards would offer any food to feed the peasants. Grateful that I was still alive I gave as charity some of my food to the hungry people. Sir Gaspar went to speak with Sir Bartholomew. He came out and reported that the lord’s bedchamber was in darkness and that the lord was only seen at night.

Sure that I could be of service I lit my lantern and went into room to serve the summons. As I opened the door a sickly and filthy Sir Bartholomew bit me. His skin was red and blotchy. After bandaging my wounds doctor Tehya forced me to drink a horrid mixture. She then brewed another and forced the sickly lord to drink it and he fell into a deathly sleep. Father Spunds gave the body a holy cleansing. When I returned to the courtyard I found my pack ransacked. The guards reported that the peasants who I have offered charity to had stolen my food whilst I was attempting to serve the royal summons to Sir Bartholomew.

I shouldered my lightened pack. I was disheartened by wretched thieves that had stolen my food as my belly rumbled angrily. My arm sore and the bitter taste of Tehya’s medicine reminded me I would seek compensation for my troubles from Sir Bartholomew when he recovered from his illness. At Wrentham the guards confirmed that Sir Jorge lived in town but he was only seen at night and had not been seen for two moons. A kind man led me to the house. The house was the property of the Griffin order so finding it locked Sir Gasper kicked down the door. The dark house smelt bad. A Griffin tabard had been left in bed chamber. The rest of the house held empty cupboards. Sir Jorge had abandoned his house and his post.

There was nothing else in Bedon so the adventurers returned to the road where a ghastly army of undead assaulted them. The nobles Sir Gaspar and Sir de Corbin talked with a lordly vampire knight dressed in the livery of a black tabard emblazoned with a red chalice. He was marked on his face as an excommunicate and it could only be the corpse of Sir Jorge risen again to become an undead. Whilst Sir Gaspar and Sir de Corbin were willing and able to battle army of the undead they would raise no weapon against the vampire. I feared the monsters but after much running and about and haranguing the adventurers I found a hero in the ranger Reuben who accepted the challenge of defeating the vampire lord. I distracted the vampire whilst Reuben snuck behind it and struck the monster down. Swiftly Reuben hammered a blessed stake into the corpse and the vampire turned to dust. The dust was taken to Sir Jorge could be laid to rest.

I returned to Norvic with only one of the summons served. Guard sergeant Hartford accepted the adventurers explanation for the failure to serve all three summons and paid everyone their social status. The silver dagger we had recovered proved to be blunted and was traded so we could all receive an bonus on one crown. I had in additional made sales of ten pennies during my travels.

A tale of the adventurers of Norvic Pobbin Toadhunter

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