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File:10413326 902559423119572 7603994389370157394 n.jpgFile:10671496 10153467375168855 4195830170418133686 n.jpgFile:11893851 10155937856590627 1469561799109614735 o.jpg
File:13698003 10153844549887039 7630997553740752766 o.jpgFile:14717222 345853699096346 4268551589669208432 n.jpgFile:14729366 10154358938071117 3789521175787904180 n.jpg
File:15626182 381531218861927 3168704898113704344 o.jpgFile:16996594 10154151918222470 624115516 n.jpgFile:16996795 10154151920677470 2103804711 n.jpg
File:Asturian logo.pngFile:Cat.jpgFile:Crowa.png
File:Eva.jpgFile:Eva 2.jpgFile:Eva with rose shield.jpg
File:Example.jpgFile:Fae Foalstride.jpgFile:Flag.png
File:Four.pngFile:FrancisTeach.jpgFile:Gertie text.JPG
File:Map.pngFile:Moon-blue-1.jpgFile:Norvic map Ithron.jpg
File:One.pngFile:Pobbin Faceshot.gifFile:Pre crowa spunds.jpg
File:Reuben sf 1.jpgFile:Rolbor.pngFile:Sidhe.png
File:Sir G.jpgFile:Smudge pic.jpgFile:Sproggs.jpg
File:Vikktor.jpgFile:Vleybor.pngFile:Welcoming Wench Inn.jpg

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