Edmund likes to play him drum. Smudge made his drum. He also likes to have bells on him at all times. Smudge made these too. Expert cart impersonator. 100% knows how to sing. Doesn't like goblins. Likes to adventure with dwarves but settles for halfings in a pinch. Has been known to discipline Gooseberry - It was for her own good.

Voted 'most likely to die on the toilet' at his nursery at the age of 15.

Good friends with Ragnar the Forgetful, Smudge Icklesmith & Gooseberry (when she behaves). Decent friends with most other people he meets.

Some people say he's a bit loud, but thats only because they don't have hair in their ears.

Rolbor know he tires his best. It's all he can ask.