A flamboyant and carousing fellow with intense love for frivolities and the finer things in life, like getting totally smashed on top shelf brandy.

He feels most trees act in a rude and inhospitable manner, very few of which have honey on them, in flagrant defiance of Rolbor. As such he is slightly suspicious of Longstorians.

History Edit

Dervish Longshaft was born to a family of specialty fletchers known for their arrows meant to fell especially thick game. He spent his youth training to make arrows (which he was terrible at) and practicing overly elaborate and impracticle fencing techniques.

After a night of carousing and merry making he found himself in a tavern (the name of which is lost to history and hangovers), he encountered a Priest of Rolbor by the name of Edmund, who convinced him to put his talents to use in a way that would help keep his people safe, and also bring joy and merriment to the people of the city, and those out in the field who surely needed it the most. Being one for balance and fairness, Dervish couldn't let him have all the fun, so he joined up and set out for adventure (Between baking and pints).

Interesting Facts Edit

  • Ex South Norvic Handshake Champion (Defeated by Sproggs)
  • Considered collecting stamps, but found them too complicated to keep track of, so instead collects nicknames
  • In search of a beef flavoured beer he heard about in a pub once
  • Sometimes talks to trees but they never answer back. Trees are rude.
  • Dreams of one day devising the perfect chocolate digestive biscuit