Unlike his elder brothers Bann was not born at Hawkwind Keep. His mother growing older retreated to a hunting lodge at Dareham. There he was birthed and suckled. After the birth his mother weakened and did not return to reside at the Keep. Ever since she now stays at Dareham in her convalescene. Away from the strict order and steadfastness of the Griffin Order the youth Bann grew up strong in his father's faith of Crowa but not with the same arrogance that the knighthood demanded.

At Dareham he was able to make friends with all. His hobbies of hunting in the forest and socialising with his friends, the Mannerbund of Morrigan. He remained content at Dareham Lodge well into his adulthood. It was not until he was older when a nearby friend and cousin was murdered that he took to the life of an adventurer. He began his journey with nothing but Crowa's courage in his heart and a stout quarterstaff in his grasp. His heritage soon shined through and a great warrior he became.